Virtual Functional Medicine Consultations

Virtual Functional Medicine Consultations

Dr.Gupta is one of the first physicians in the country to have a fully virtual Functional Medicine practice. In the past year, we have developed our own unique way of delivering care through telemedicine. Even though our practice is virtual but Dr.Gupta still delivers high-quality care in a manner where each and every client feels cared for and connected with him. Through telehealth, he is now able to give care to clients worldwide.

Why Choose Dr. Gupta's Functional Medicine Practice?

Dr.Gupta has helped several people reverse their health disorders through Functional Medicine protocols. He has developed his own advanced protocols based on scientific research to help people find the root cause of their problems. 


While working at CCF ( Cleveland Clinic, Ohio ) he saw several complicated patients and was able to resolve their dreadful symptoms and conditions. 


So if you are suffering from symptoms that no other doctor understands, or


If you have seen several doctors including functional medicine doctors and found no answers, or


If your blood work is normal but you know something is wrong with you, or


You want to find the root cause of your problem, 


Then you need to start working with Dr.Guptas, as he has a lot of experience helping people like you. 


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Consultation with Dr. Anshul Gupta

Onboarding Package Includes :  One Initial Exam & One Follow Up Visit


In the Initial Assessment, Dr. Gupta will


● Review Your health and medical history

● Access your current diet and lifestyle

● Review previous medications, previous lab tests, and supplements

● Find the root cause and discuss the history of on-set of your health concerns

● The goal of this visit is to prepare a personalized functional medicine plan, to address your health problems.


In the First Follow Up Visit, Dr. Gupta will


● Explain what he thinks is the cause of your current health problems.

● Help with the implementation of the personalized functional medicine plan that Dr. Gupta makes for you.

● Discuss new dietary and lifestyle changes to resolve the health issues you’re facing.

● Discuss supplements needed to support your body to reduce your health issues, and to improve quality of life.

● Recommend advanced testing if needed, to identify any hidden causes.


*Flexible Payment Plans Available, please inquire


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